Bad Terms

by Meghan & Caitlin

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released November 8, 2019

Meghan Foley - vocals, acoustic guitar
Caitlin Foley - vocals
Matt Zoppa - guitar, keys, programming
Zach Bridier - drums, percussion, guitar, keys, programming
Matt Petersen - bass (track 4)
John Alden Davis - bass (tracks 9 & 10)
Elizabeth Bridier - rhodes (track 4) piano (tracks 5, 10)
Kabwasa - vocals (track 2)

Group vocals on Bad Decisions:
Matt Zoppa, Josh Gablin, Lauren Berryhill, Meghan Foley, Zach Orozen, Zach Bridier, Sky Busch, and Gilberto De La Fuente

All songs written & produced by Meghan & Caitlin
*Produced by Zach Bridier
**Produced by Matt Zoppa
Engineered by Matt Zoppa, Zach Bridier, and Josh Gablin at Gretsch Studio in Elmhurst, IL Spring & Summer 2019
Assistant Engineer Nick Zoppa
Engineered & mixed by Zach Bridier at Captive Portal Studio, Des Plaines, IL
Sprint & Summer 2019
Mastered by Josh Gablin


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Bad Terms*
Verse 1:
Stab me in the back
Knock me down, pick me up
Apologize again
I always give you a pass, give you a pass, yeah
And I hate that I let
You always have control
You don’t give me no respect
Thought I was better than that, better than that, yeah, yeah

And you don’t understand
Who I, who I really am
But I take you back
Cuz you know

I wanna be on good terms
But all I got are bad words
I guess we took a wrong turn
You burned every bridge we built
There is no password
To take this day and reverse
Cuz every insult you slurred, I heard
I’m sick of all the guilt
Now we’re on bad terms
Don’t wanna be on bad terms

Verse 2:
You always make me mad
Why you doing that, doing that?
But I apologize again
And I hate that I, hate that I
Let you see this side of me
So I compromise so you don’t leave


I apologize again...

Track Name: Over It (feat. Kabwasa)*
Verse 1:
Last night I was wondering, wondering
If I was ever gonna see you again, you again
My bad, I left you high and dry
But now that it's raining I wanna reverse that goodbye
I saw you with a new girl, hey listen
Who do you think you are?
Who gave you permission?
To move on with someone new
But I promise you that she won't be this cool and
I promise she won't talk like me
Kiss you on the cheek and prove you wrong like me
I promise she don't live like me
Dancing in the street and confident like me
And it's over, it's over, it's over
Its over, it's over, I know

I saw the video that you just posted
You're wearing clothes you knew I would notice
I'm high and low, searching for closure
Cuz you and I both know I'm not over it
My phone still has your pictures on it
The radio is always playing your music
Passed you on the road, since then I haven't been sober
Cuz you and I both know I'm not over it

Verse 2:
I had to block you on Instagram, Instagram
I'm getting pretty tired of seeing all of your snapchats
You know just what you're doing
I know you're checking for my name in the list of viewers
And boy you've never been smooth, you're not a player
But then again I don't know when I became such a hater
I guess I just didn't expect you to go
Find another girl before my body's even cold
But I promise she don't look like me
Got your back, but don't let you off the hook like me
I promise she won't be like me
Strong and independent no cling like me
And it's over, it's over, it's over,
It's over, it's over, I know


Kabwasa Verse:
It's been a minute
I'm still trying to get it
I've been tired of missing you
I love you, I love you
I never said it, but I hope you know I meant it
I've got all these other options
I don't want it, I want you
Like your love, like one love, like our love
Like what did you do love, like my love, to you love
I need ya, like our love, why did you leave love,
Like I want you back love, not over, not over it

Track Name: Cheers to You*
Verse 1:
Bright lights and my head on your shoulder
You step away, I’ve never been colder
And who are these other girls you see?
If they’re so great, why do you always come back to me?

I remember when you took me dancing
All eyes on us, we lit up the room
Used to think that I was so enchanting
Now I’m chasing you, I’m chasing you

So cheers to you,
You left me black and blue
The bottle kisses better than you do
So I’m raising my glass,
You’re in my past,
So cheers to you

Verse 2:
A crowded room, they’re all screaming for me
But I’m looking for you, don’t want to hear that you’re sorry again
And where are these places that you always go?
And if they’re so great, why do you call mine home?


And the crowd is loud
And the lights are low
And they want me to be happy
So i’ll put on a show

Here’s to you
I was never myself with you
Now I’m done chasing after you
I’m breaking my glass
This is my last cheers to you
Track Name: I’m Sorry**
Verse 1:
I heard our song on the radio, on the radio
Should’ve turned it off but I just froze
I blew a red light cuz my mind isn’t on the road
It’s on when you said goodbye
I should’ve done, I should’ve done, I should’ve done more

I should’ve said I’m sorry for the things that I did
When things get hard I always walk away, I’ll admit it
Now I’m losing sleep over what we could’ve been
I should’ve said I’m sorry for the things that I did
Oh, the things that I did

Verse 2:
I heard your voice on a video, on a video
Now I’m wishing I had never let you go
I forgot the way you speak about me
I hear it louder when you’re not around me
I should’ve done, I should’ve done, I should’ve done more


I miss you more than I realized
Now it’s too late to apologize

Track Name: Difficult**
Verse 1:
I can’t believe you didn’t call me
I can’t believe you couldn’t see that I wanted you to
I can’t believe you couldn’t tell I was lonely for you
You left me crying in the driveway
You didn’t know when I pushed you away
That I just wanted you to hold me and say that you love me

Chorus 1:
But I know, I know
I know that I’m difficult
A little to critical
Oh I know, I know
I know that I’m difficult
I’m not your typical love
I’m sorry I’m difficult

Verse 2:
I can’t believe you quit so quickly
I can’t believe you couldn’t see that I needed you
Now you got me feeling sick
Please don’t leave me like this
You stared at me and sat in silence
As I begged you to be anything but quiet
Cuz no words can hurt more
Than my imagination

Chorus 1

Chorus 2:
But I know, I know
I know that I’m difficult
I’m not your typical love
Track Name: Dead End*
Verse 1:
Pictures on my walls
Oh, they’re mocking me
Smiling in my face
Saying this is how we used to be
Now we barely speak
No it’s not the same
I’m trying to figure out what changed

Now we’re crying, crying
Cuz we’re trying, trying
To quit lying, lying
We’re not happy like we used to be
We’re hiding, hiding
And we’re fighting, fighting
And you’re lying, lying
You’re lying next to me

I’m at a dead end, dead end, dead end, dead end baby
I’m trying, trying, trying not to go crazy
When I said you’re mine, you said that I’d lost my mind
But I didn’t, didn’t, didn’t, didn’t
I’m at a dead end, dead end, dead end, dead end and it’s over
I’m losing, losing, losing my composure
I’m closing my eyes, you’re saying this is goodbye
But I’m not finished, finished
I’ll never finish, finish here

Verse 2:
I remember the day
We went to the city
You told me you loved me
And you called me pretty
Now I’m slamming doors
And you’re calling me names
For the millionth time
But this time it don’t feel the same


Where did we go wrong?
This is my heartbreak song
Where did we go wrong?

Track Name: Body Count*
Verse 1:
Waiting to fall apart
In the backseat of your car
I never know where we are
Where we are
Because the one I want
He doesn’t want my time
He has got another girl on his mind
I wonder what that’s like
I wonder what that’s like
I wonder what that’s like
To be that girl

Cuz you hold me when I’m dreaming
So now I wake up screaming
I’m just trying to shake the feelings that I felt
And I feel you on my body
But you only want my body
And I don’t care that you don’t care about me
Add me to your body count

Verse 2:
Remember when it was me and you
And it was just one night
But it felt like we owned the room
Now my lips are red
My clothes are in a stranger’s bed
But you don’t even care
Why don’t you care?


But is it worth it
If in the end I feel worthless?


Now I’m in your bed
And I know I said
That this is what I wanted
But is it what I wanted?
Cuz now I’m just a number to you
Track Name: Paralyzed*
Verse 1:
Daisies and roses
They’re beautiful but they don’t even know it
Cuz they die every winter of loneliness
I sit still on the pavement
I’m talking but I hardly ever say shit
And nobody ever notices
I’m taking drugs to go to sleep
Cuz my mind, it tortures me
I’m only happy when I dream
What does that say about me?

Cuz I, oh I don’t know what it feels like
To be fine, alright so I close my eyes
And I should be healing, so why can’t I feel things?
Am I alive?
I feel paralyzed, paralyzed
So I close my eyes
I’m paralyzed

Verse 2:
I want a hand to hold but
When they reach out, I freak out
And I wanna be whole but
There’s a piece of me in everybody
I always gotta be so strong
I can’t lean on, no one I know
That it’s a long road
But I’m still here
And I just wanna go home


What does that say about me?

There’s a gun in my hand
But no one stands between me and myself
There’s a gun in my hand
But no one understands I’m going through hell

Track Name: Dirty Mouth*
Verse 1:
When I wake up
I still feel the make up on my face
And I’m freezing
Cuz where you used to be’s just empty space
And I know exactly where you have been
Heard you’ve got a new girl in your bed
Tell me am I still stuck in your head?
Oh, I gotta know, I gotta know, I gotta know

Do you think about me
When you’re feeling lonely
When you’re with her do you think about
My, my dirty mouth?
You touched me
Remember how you loved me
When you kiss her do you think about
My, my dirty mouth?

Verse 2:
Oh I hate when we have conversations in my head
And I can’t look at my phone
Without seeing photos of your girlfriend
But you;ve still got my marks under your skin
And I still have the letters that you sent
Do you wish you were with me instead?
I gotta know, I gotta know, I gotta know


And I won’t say I miss you
Cuz I don’t want to have issues
We say we’re fine, pretend that it’s cool
But it’s a lie, maybe I miss you

Track Name: Liar**
Verse 1:
My hands in your pockets
You’re trying not to look at me as I look at the door
Cuz you know, cuz you know, cuz you know
That I was never really yours
And I say that I’m fine
But you know it’s a lie
Why do I do this every time?

Maybe I’m just lonely, maybe I’m just cold
Maybe I’m just hoping I can act like I’m not broke
Maybe I’m just crazy, maybe I’m just sad
Maybe it’s impossible for me to love you back
I’m walking a wire when I tell you that I love you
Cuz I know, cuz I know, cuz I know
I’m a liar

Verse 2:
Used to be my partner in crime
But I’m the only guilty one now
You’d never know, you’d never know, you’d never know
That I’d be the one to break you down
And I say that you’re right
Cuz it’s easier than fights
Why do I do this every time?


I’ve been to confession, I’ve tried to pray
But not even holy water can clean my slate
I’ve been to the doctor hoping that he could explain
Why I am this way
Why am I this way?

Track Name: Bad Decisions*
Verse 1:
Jealousy, why do you always point your finger at me?
Why can’t you ever just let me, let me, let me be
Oh, jealousy
Now I’m acting out
I’m kissing strangers all over this town
Cuz all love’s ever done is let me, let me, let me down
So I’m acting out

I’m doing things that I never have
I’m acting out of character but I’m not mad cuz
I’m feeling kind of rebellious
Can I get a hell yes?
I’m saying things that I’ve never said
Unfilter all the thoughts up in my head
I’m blocking out people who are hating
Can I get an amen?

I’m making bad decisions
Just to feel like I’m living
There is no, there is no forgiving in here no more
It’s sunday but I’m sinning
My dear, this is just the beginning
There is no, there is no winning
When you make bad decisions

Verse 2:
Apologies, I’d give them out but they don’t come back to me
I’ve tried so hard but now I’m doing, doing, doing me
No more apologies
I hate to disappoint
You want me home but I’m out with other boys
You want to play games now you’re my, you’re my, you’re my toy
I always disappoint


I tried to play nice
But I got bored


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